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Plant Support

Plant Support Plant Support
A good range of items from scrog netting to yo yo's. they all do a good job, it just depends what type of grower you are. We have an example image above of a cage setup. These flexible cage panels are ideal for scrog style plant support not only are they versitile, they are strong enough to take high yielding plants with much flexing.

Product   Price (exc. vat)    
Plant Support Netting Per Metre (1.5m Wide) Click to view    £0.33
Garden Twine (60 Meters) Click to view    £2.49
Bamboo Canes x 20 (4')   £3.24
Bamboo Canes x 50 (4')   £7.33
YoYo - Plant Support Device Click to view    £1.04
YoYo Plant Support Device (Pack of 10)   £7.49
Cage Panels (Single) Click to view    £3.67
Plant Support Cage Panels (Box of 25) Click to view    £83.33
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